Library Marketing: We’re In This Together

Nancy Dowd recently wrote of the difficulty libraries have in successfully marketing their services, an observation Michelle Kraft noted has been bouncing around in her head ever since she read it.  It’s been bouncing around in my head, too.

We have been thrilled with the excitement around BrowZine and grateful to count a growing number of libraries as our customers.  But selling a subscription is just the start of what we want to be a long partnership, both with our libraries and the people using BrowZine.  It’s clear that helping with marketing efforts is part of what we should do to strengthen this partnership.

We’ve started by creating some terrific online tools, including our Widget-Maker that has proven particularly effective in getting the word out and in steadily increasing usage.  We also support our libraries by sending a marketing kit of printed material that includes 250 BrowZine user-brochures, along with other goodies, that our customers are displaying and handing out (we were flattered to have  the library at Fremantle Hospital call them “very swish”).

Creating online tools and sending print materials is a good start, but it’s only part of the equation.  I see the other part as engaging with end users, to let them know their library is sponsoring access to our terrific service.  We have some good ideas on how to do this, including using very targeted ads in places like Facebook.  And we plan to roll this out to our current customers soon.  We’re very interested to see how these efforts may affect BrowZine adoption and usage.

I’ll keep you posted on what we’re seeing, please send me your thoughts on our plans to market BrowZine to end users.

Kendall Bartsch