Promoting BrowZine in the New Year

New Year, New Users!

By all accounts the 2013 holiday season was a great one for tablet manufacturers.  Apple and Samsung alone are expected to have shipped over 37 MILLION tablets in just December.  With so many people buying tablets, not to mention the millions of current users, it’s likely that many of your researchers are returning to campus this month with a shiny new device.

Welcome these new mobile users with BrowZine!  Our Marketing Tools for Libraries make promoting BrowZine easy.  This month, use these great strategies to connect with your new, and fast expanding, mobile audience!

Examples of effective strategies include:

Download While You Wait

Chances are that many of your students, faculty and researchers will be attending instructional sessions this month.  Start your sessions by projecting a slide encouraging your audience to download BrowZine while they get settled, directing people to a link like  BrowZine takes just a minute to download from the app stores and your users will leave ready to start using BrowZine!

Email, Newsletters, and Blog Posts

If you use email campaigns, newsletters or blog posts to connect to your patrons, be sure to include a quick paragraph about BrowZine.  Our templates make this easy!  Customized each message to spotlight particular journals and publishers your users will be excited to know they may read in BrowZine.

Get Hands-On

Integrate BrowZine into planned instruction sessions:

  • When providing instruction on citation management, remind users that BrowZine is integrated with RefWorks, Zotero, Mendeley, and other services such as Dropbox.
  • Schedule a BrowZine workshop showing users how to install BrowZine, login, browse and find their key journals.  Faculty will love knowing they may use BrowZine to create their own personal bookshelf of favorite titles.
  • Schedule a Current Awareness Tools workshop featuring BrowZine to keep researchers up-to-date in their field.
  • Host a Bring-Your-Device library or Technology Fair to facilitate a hands-on overview of BrowZine.

More Ideas

For more ideas, see how your peer institutions are successfully promoting BrowZine in their libraries.  And be sure to visit our Marketing Tools for Libraries webpage!