How BrowZine™ Works

Browsable Newsstand of Library's Journals | BrowZine iPad App ScreenshotConsolidate multiple databases of Journals into a simple browsable newsstand

BrowZine™ combines individual articles from databases to create complete journals and arranges them in an intuitive newsstand, then delivers these journals to patrons in an easy to use format optimized for the iPad or Android tablet computers.  The result is an intuitive way for users to browse journals by subject, discover new titles, and easily read articles.

Saved Journal Articles | BrowZine iPad App ScreenshotShorten the distance between the user and the content

At a time when more and more libraries are opting for e-only access to scholarly journals, the experience of browsing a library’s collection of new issues to keep up with the latest research trends is an awkward task requiring setting up alert systems, RSS feeds and other clumsy technologies on multiple platforms.
By making content available in an easy to view, browsable format, libraries are able to pull away the layers of technology between the user and content.  Each reader can create a personal bookshelf of favorite journals and BrowZine will soon be able to deliver convenient push notifications to indicate when new material is published.

My Bookshelf | BrowZine iPad App ScreenshotPut library content at your users’ fingertips

These favorite titles are housed in a convenient “My Bookshelf” area where users can freely rearrange these titles to suit their preference.  Just like in a user’s own workspace, they can then easily access their favorite titles quickly and easily every time they use BrowZine.

And just like your other electronic content, this material is available 24 hours a day anywhere in the world via your existing authentication protocols including interoperation with EZproxy, WAM proxy, Shibboleth, Bar code identification, VPN and more.  And best of all, no extra setup is required for BrowZine to support your authentication – it just works!

Browse and Share Content  BrowZine iPad App ScreenshotIncrease content usage and collaboration among researchers

Electronic journals are supposed to increase flexibility and availability of material – not limit it.  BrowZine allows you to easily read material on the go and share links to articles with colleagues or email a link to your lab group – all from within the app.  And now on the new iPad with retina display and newer Android devices the articles are as crisp as news print – making tablet computing a very attractive solution for digital reading.