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BrowZine works by organizing the articles found in Open Access and subscription databases, uniting them into complete journals, then arranging these journals on a common newsstand. The result is an easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across the disciplines.

Play the introductory video below to see it in action.

Where Can I Get BrowZine™?

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Just tap the icon below if you are on your iPad or search for “BrowZine” in the store to quickly find the app.  Download it and either Request a Trial for your institution or select the “Open Access Publishers Only” for instant access!

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BrowZine includes premium journals from leading publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, SAGE, Wiley, ACS, ACM, IEEE, Nature Publishing and many more. Because of restrictions on this content, BrowZine is available only to individuals affiliated with libraries that sponsor access.

Contact us to see if your library is participating or download the app to see the list of libraries with active or trial access to BrowZine.
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