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LibKey Case Study

Seton Hall University

How Seton Hall University uses LibKey to simplify access and drive engagement with library resources

LibKey made a big difference in usability, making it easier for users to get the resources they wanted, and to do that faster and with less frustration.

“Wow, this sounds like something we’ve been dreaming of for a long time and it really has been pretty incredible.”

~ Chris Duffy, Associate Dean of the Health Sciences Library

Seton Hall LibKey Case Study

Featured Case Study

The University of Manchester

HowThe University of Manchester Library Reduced Support Ticket Volume by 25%

The University of Manchester Library is one of the great libraries of the world. It sits at the heart of England’s first and most eminent civic university, welcoming millions of students, researchers and visits every year to its 11 sites, which include The John Rylands Library, home to one of the most remarkable university Special Collections in the world.

“It’s so much clearer and so much better that people are asking, ‘Why isn’t it this way to begin with?’

~ Tim O’Neill

  • Reduced Support Ticket Volume by 25%

  • Improved usability to save 100 days of wasted researcher time per year

  • LibKey led to 75% fewer clicks

  • LibKey led to large time savings

Featured Conference Presentation

University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

How the library is using LibKey to reduce unnecessary Interlibrary loan requests

The University of Wisconsin Stevens Point is a four year, comprehensive regional public university located in the central portion of the US State of Wisconsin. in 2019, UWSP enrolled 7,251 students and employed 1,247 staff members. The library’s collection includes approximately one half million physical items, access to 130,000 print and online periodicals and maintains subscriptions to 280 databases. Library patrons are able to discover and explore the library’s collection using Ex Libris’ Primo interface.

“LibKey has dramatically improved my reference and instruction service.”

~ Troy Espe

  • Icon - Reduce ILL Requests

    33% reduction in unnecessary ILL requests

  • Icon - Reduce delay in access

    Reduced delay in patron access

  • Less wasted staff time

  • Icon - improved linking reliability

    Improved linking reliability

Conference Presentation

The University of Manchester at IGELU 2020

How the University of Manchester provides seamless access to the most extensive digital library collection in the UK.

Using LibKey and other tools.

“The full text PDF is opened in a single click. That includes our authentication layer. So there’s no need for the academic or student to navigate complex publisher platforms.”

~ Tim O’Neill, Electronic Resources Coordinator

Saved 73,000 clicks every month across the university

LibKey Case Study

St. Norbert College

How St. Norbert College Library uses LibKey to Simplify Access and Keep the Library at the Center of Research Workflow

“We want to be that valued and trusted source for our students and our faculty. One important way to do that is to do what we can to ensure that our users can easily find and access the information that we say we have within the library collection.”

~ Mitchell Scott, Collection Management Librarian

We've been looking for this functionality for a long time. It's been really big for us. - Quote from St Norbert about LibKey

Case Study

Central Installation of
LibKey Nomad to Improve
Equity of Access at
Chesterfield Royal Hospital

“It’s removed the barriers and the confusion of navigating through the different websites. It’s much quicker and more time efficient because it’s made it easier to find the full text PDF and to download the article.”

Rebecca Stephens / Systems and E-Resources Librarian

Downloads increased nearly 500%

Conference Presentation

University of Western Australia: Navigating the Maze of Article Discovery

“We knew that our users wanted less clicks. …users wanted to decrease the incidence of broken links, dead ends and loops…they wanted the library to be integrated into their preferred discovery spaces, to provide clear links to subscribe resources. And [they] wanted to be assured that they will find what they need in a wide variety of online situations in the simplest way possible.”

Kael Driscoll / Librarian, Collection and Access Services

It's been very popular and seamless with our users since we implemented in February, 2020

AI-powered linking, now in your discovery service

Add one-click access to full text articles and journal issue linking to the article records of all leading discovery services. LibKey Discovery eliminates the confusing maze of clicks to deliver the experience users expect, save researchers valuable time, and reduce help desk requests.

Simplify access to content from all your library databases

Use LibKey Link wherever you are using a link resolver to deliver one-click access to articles. LibKey Link adds a layer of AI to your link resolver, delivering faster, more reliable linking for your users.

Keep the library central to the research process when discovery happens outside the library

Users often start their research at sites outside the library, such as PubMed, Wikipedia and publisher pages. LibKey Nomad is a browser extension that detects available scholarly content, notifies the user of availability, and connects them to the content in one-click. LibKey Nomad may be downloaded by users or be deployed centrally across computers at your organization.

AI-powered DOI and PMID resolution technology that seamlessly connects researchers to library resources is being adopted by open web discovery services to seamlessly connect researcher to library resources, used by researchers as a linking syntax to better share articles among colleagues, and added by libraries to their webpages for easy DOI look up.

The world’s leading platform for researchers to find, read and follow their favorite scholarly journals.

Visualize your ejournal collection and present them in a format so they can be easily browsed and read. BrowZine drives journal engagement and keeps your researchers current in the literature.

Client Feedback

Scihub became popular not only because it provides access to paywalled articles, but because it’s EASY. Just one click! So much so that people who have institutional access still use Scihub. LibKey *finally* solved the one-click issue via library access.

Dan Quintana Twitter Bio Pic

Dan Quintana

Installed @third_iron‘s LibKey Nomad this morning so I can teach it to my students. It’s so great!

Keegan Sinski Twitter Bio Pic

Keegan Sinski

I got this feedback today “OMG Michelle, Nomad is just the best thing ever! It is saving me hours of faffing about, thank you so much!” @CCCU_PH

HealthLib_cccu Twitter Bio Pic

Kate and Michelle

@Browzine is a nice place to manage publication notifs for fave journals. Available through many univ libraries. Links with your credentials for fast access to everything you get notifs for — great if you want to avoid the further steps of logging in and hunting things down.


Elizabeth Beese Twitter Bio Pic

Elizabeth Beese

@UCSCLibrary: thanks for adding a download PDF option & LibKey redirect to journal articles, which I see as a tremendous gift of TIME

ijuanathesaurus Twitter Bio Pic

Juan Manuel Pedroza

Used by over a thousand libraries and institutions around the world.

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    How The University of Manchester Library Reduced Support Ticket Volume by 25%

    The University of Manchester Library is one of the great libraries of the world. It sits at the heart of England’s first and most eminent civic university, welcoming millions of students, researchers and visits every year to its 11 sites, which include The John Rylands Library, home to one of the most remarkable…

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    Missing Link – Optimizing Access to Reduce Unnecessary ILL Requests Presentation Transcript

    Tony Espe and Rebecca Wisniewski discuss using ILL requests to evaluate and troubleshoot discovery service interface problems.
    “That brings us back to our research question, exactly how many of our patrons were submitting ILL request for online items that they could have access themselves through the university library.”

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