Full-Stack Software Developer

We are looking for a Full-Stack Software Developer to join our terrific remote development team to help build our industry leading software services BrowZine and LibKey. These services are technology infrastructure that connect scholars of all disciplines with the peer-reviewed journal articles they need to advance their research. They are used by millions of researchers affiliated with over 1,200 libraries which are part of universities, hospitals, corporations and government agencies located across 35 countries.

Your Role

As a Full-Stack Software Developer, you will help make architectural decisions, write automated tests, code the implementation, review code, and collaborate with our team of experienced polyglot programmers.

Our remote-first company has been building software for over 10 years in a completely distributed & remote fashion, so you’ll be joining a team with plenty of experience putting into practice what works well remotely (and avoiding what doesn’t!).

Key Responsibilities

  • Contribute to our existing Third Iron Content Management System and other processes, written primarily in Node.js and Postgres, and used by our internal operations team to manage large amounts of data from our large number of library customers
  • Help shape and build our APIs, used both internally and by third parties, written in Node.js and adopting many concepts from JSON API 1.0
  • Contribute to our variety of backend supporting services, written in Node.js and TypeScript, and which interact with Postgres, Elasticsearch, and CouchDB datastores
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in Node.js, Postgres, Elasticsearch, CouchDB, continuous integration, and load testing. Learn about all the tools we use at our StackShare
  • Optimize and help scale our Heroku/AWS cloud-based systems as our customer base grows to ensure solid performance for all users

What We’re Looking For

  • Experience with SQL; we use Postgres to store the majority of our data, and we will continue to improve the speed of our externally-facing APIs and internal processes. Bonus if you have NoSQL experience, such as ElasticSearch or CouchDB
  • A strong interest in NodeJS and JavaScript
  • Strong communication skills – since we are a remote team, clear, timely, and frequent communication is essential
  • Experience writing automated tests alongside your code – we rely on both acceptance-level and unit-level automated tests to help avoid regressions
  • High comfort level with source control, especially git
  • A self-motivated developer who can work independently
  • Interest in learning new technologies. We want to embrace the tools and techniques that help us build great software and let us sleep soundly at night, knowing our users are having a delightful experience and our servers are not catching fire
  • People with U.S. work authorizations. We are looking for a full-time developer to join our team, so please, respectfully, do not apply if you are a software development firm looking to hire out your time.
  • Working at Third Iron

    Third Iron is a small company of 25 employees and our growth and success has been fueled by the passionate, curious people who work here. We value input and feedback while looking to minimize the interruptions of meetings, report writing, and internal emails.

    Understanding that work is just part of your life, Third Iron also provides great pay and benefits including health, dental, long-term disability, paid time-off, home-office stipend, and more. It’s why most employees who work at Third Iron spend many years of their career here. You could, too!


To apply, fill out this form or email careers@thirdiron.com, and please include references to anything that helps demonstrate your development abilities. Whether your GitHub, Bitbucket, or StackOverflow profile, or some sample code, articles, or presentations you’ve created, or even just reporting bugs on open source projects, anything that could help us learn how you contribute to a team would be helpful.