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ILL / Link Resolver

Link to your ILL / Link Resolver

For Your Embargoed Material


BrowZine now supports linking to ILL / Link Resolver systems for embargoed material. BrowZine can connect such requests to one of the following:

  • Link resolver
  • ILL form, such as that used by the ILLIAD system (must have OpenURL and form population enabled)
  • Email requests, ideal for libraries that do not have a compatible ILL system

Most link resolvers already contain a link of their own to ILL forms, so many libraries prefer to connect their link resolver as it offers users a wider selection of options.

Want to see more about how this works and what it looks like? Read our “ILL/Link Resolvers and BrowZine” support article.

To request this feature to be added to your BrowZine installation, please fill out the short form below with as much information as you can provide and we will contact you to confirm compatibility and complete the setup process. If you have any questions about this form, please contact us at support@thirdiron.com.