One-click access to PDFs

  • Combines information about e-journal holdings, authentication and article links to deliver one-click access to PDFs
  • Seamless integration in ProQuest Primo and Summon, EBSCO Discovery Service, OCLC Worldcat, TDNet Discover, Ovid Discover, Deep Web Technologies, along with open source and custom discovery systems
  • Save your users thousands of clicks and hundreds of hours of lost time
  • Reduce help desk requests with easier access

View complete issue

  • Connect from an article record to the original complete journal issue
  • Increase serendipitous discovery of related articles
  • Easily brings users deep into relevant literature of your rich journal collection
  • Users spend an average of 3.5 minutes browsing 8 additional pages of related material

Open Access aware

  • LibKey knowledge base is enriched with Unpaywall data to deliver Open Access versions when subscribed versions are not available
  • Links to Open Access article even if your only source is an aggregated database, saving the usual login step