From searching on the open web to content in one click

  • LibKey Nomad is active at the sites researchers visit, including publisher pages, PubMed, Wikipedia and more
  • Combines information about e-journal holdings, authentication and article linking to deliver one-click access to PDF and HTML articles
  • Includes Unpaywall data to deliver Open Access versions when subscribed options are not available
  • Integrated with your link resolver to provide users with access options when full text may not be available

Fast and precise linking

  • Identification of available content based on library entitlements, not general website domain
  • Proven, high performance LibKey technology delivers linking options in milliseconds
  • Every article request is linked directly to the content provider so 100% of usage is logged in your COUNTER statistic

Designed for libraries with researcher privacy in mind

  • Branded icon lets users know access comes from the library
  • No user account needed
  • No caching of user credentials
  • Compatible with VPN and two-factor authentication systems
  • No selling or sharing of data with other services